Tuesday, 10 January 2012

100 HP Sentinel Locos (Fry's Type)

I've been asked for information about the Fry's Sentinel loco which was rescued and returned to its original home area in 2010. Avon Valley Railway are doing the restoration work.

As a late addendum to '100HP Pre-war Sentinel Locos' posted in 2011, the following pictures are taken from the 1931 Sentinel catalogue '"Sentinel" Patent Locomotives'. It includes the following details of the Fry's loco type (Click the pictures to enlarge):

The Fry's Loco
100HP Loco as used at Fry's in Keynsham
See page 53!

Old catalogues do come in handy sometimes!


  1. Have you seen the recovery story in Keynsham People?


  2. I have now but was aware of it earlier through the Sentinel Drivers' Club and meeting Eric Miles himself.

  3. Hi, just for info I was looking at the drawing of the 100HP loco and something doesn't add up! The wheelbase is listed as 2' 5 1/2" which is less than the diameter of the wheels. So by rights the two wheels should be touching and the buffers are about 3' 7 1/2" long!! From a 100HP drawing I have I suspect the wheelbase is around 4' 9". The 3' 2 1/2" dimension at the rear is for the boiler centre line to the rear and boiler centre line to rear axle is about 2' 5 1/2". The 100HP drawing I have is 19' 2 1/2" over buffers but there is about a 10" thick plate between the frame and the buffers which sort of accounts for the 17' 8 1/4" listed for this loco.

    1. Hi Adrian. I hadn't noticed this. Clearly it is a drawing error as the text below the diagram states the standard wheelbase to be 4'9" which is somewhat more feasible!
      Kind regards Andy.


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