Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Between the Lines

Welcome to all who've found my Sentinel 7109 'blog from the link address on the back of the superb new S&DRHT newsletter 'Between the Lines'.

Well done, in particular as there is an extraneous '1' before the 7109 where it shouldn't be in the 'blog address! Oops Mr Proof-Reader!

Inter-Telegraphy: Lines, wires, poles (even Road possibly!)
I've accumulated quite a lot of information since May 2011 with the aim of recording the restoration work partly for my own reference and partly for anyone else interested in Sentinels or for anyone who's interested. I'm an engineer so no apologies for the postings being about Sentinel loco engineering and construction. No apologies also for drifting off-subject from time to time!

To find your way around, click on 'A Warm Welcome' to get started. Any text in blue is a link to either 'blog content or something else. Who knows what you might find?

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