Friday, 14 October 2011

Sentinel Loco Boiler Replacement - Big Time!

Friday 14th October 2011 was a beautiful, sunny, autumn day, ideal for picking up, transporting and reinstalling Sentinel 7109's big 200hp loco boiler.

Starting out at Mendip Steam Restorations Ltd, Paul (star of the day) of R J King first puts the boiler on the lorry. (Also on YouTube).

About here:
On the back of a lorry (from where it must not fall off)
Then out on the road:
Stoke St Michael's motorway
Through Stretton on the Fosse:
No boilers coming the other way
Then, crossing the road to Chilcompton, signs of the visible bit:
Summit to think about!
Finally arriving at Midsomer Norton Station for repatriation:
Not seen each other for a while!
Attach the chains for the lift...
...put it over here...
...through that hole in the cab roof...
...down a bit... here
This is how it's really done: (Also on YouTube).

Followed by this: (Also on YouTube).
Finally 7109 ends up back on the level, parallel to the ground, for the first time in years.
Back on the level
I think this is classed as a project milestone!


  1. that is one *big* truck traveling through little streets! boiler looks good, back where she belongs.

  2. Congratulations good to see the boiler back in place

  3. Thanks for encouraging comments - always welcome!

    Petoskystone - there are three, possibly more, dogs (apprentices) at Mendip Steam: Jan, Floss and Kate.

    Pete - you've saved me the trouble of writing to tell you about our progress!

  4. It's all a bit awe inspiring for a mechanical numbskull like me - but I've been following your posts with interest.

    We always enjoy looking in the old sheds at the Teifi Valley Railway - or at least my little lad does.

  5. Well done, Andy! Great photos by the way.


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