Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Sentinel 7109's Ashpan

Amongst Sentinel 7109's missing items from when it first came to Midsomer Norton station in December 2004 was an ashpan to sit below the boiler's firebox and grate. This was never going to be an off-the-shelf item and would need to be fabricated anew.

So where do you start with something like this?

The Sentinel Drivers' Club (SDC) has a drawings' archive and drawings can be obtained via the SDC archive page for a nominal sum. It's not quite that straight forward as first you need to know the drawing number required. This can take some time to work out but is not too difficult if an assembly drawing is available.

As such, the ashpan assembly drawing number for Sentinel 7109's boiler is 11815 although there is a simpler type under drawing 10634. As 11815 is a design which makes emptying of the ashpan more straight forward and doesn't tend to empty itself wherever it likes, that is the one that will be used.

Ashpan 11815 Drawing
(Courtesy Sentinel Drivers' Club)
Various other part detail drawings are indicated which will need to be purchased from the SDC to enable them to be made.

Detail Drawing Numbers (1)
Detail Drawing Numbers (2)
I was talking to a gentleman welder and fabricator who was visiting Midsomer Norton Station for the Heritage open weekend (10th September 2011). He said he was interested in helping to sort out the ashpan. So keep an eye on this page as it will be added to as the ashpan comes into being (fingers crossed!).

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