Friday, 30 September 2011

Appeal for 'JOYCE' & her maker's plates

Amongst the Sentinel 7109 missing items are the 'JOYCE' nameplates and the Sentinel maker's plates specific to works number 7109. These were mounted on the side of the cab as in the photo below. I have no idea where these plates are but the chances are that since the loco survived, so did these plates; but where are they now?
Sentinel 7109 Near-side 'JOYCE' & Maker's Plate
Sentinel Waggon Works had various designs of maker's plates and the design specific to 7109 is shown below. With a lot of work, a new pair could be recreated from the design; however, I don't have those sorts of skills, nor the time with all the other restoration activities in progress.
Locomotive Maker's Plate Design
Another simpler approach is to make a mould from another actual plate such as the one below. The drawback is that the result always comes out slightly on the small side due to shrinkage of the cast metal when it cools. (Normally a pattern is made oversize to suit the shrinkage of the particular metal to be used).
Isebrook's (6515) Makers Plate
Peter Mitchell, owner of Isebrook (6515) at Quainton Road, has kindly offered to make one available should we decide to do it this way. Obviously, we would have to blank out the 6515 and replace it with 7109.

But I'm still wondering where the originals are. I'd be really glad to hear from anyone who can throw some light on their whereabouts. Please post a comment below if you can help.

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