Thursday, 14 July 2011

Cab repaint - A bit of a blow!

Before the boiler is put back into the cab, the surrounding paintwork needs improvement particularly behind the boiler where it will eventually be inaccessible. This was expected to be a quick job but soon took on surprising proportions.

Initially, angle grinders and radial wire brushes were used to good effect on the cab floor. Also on YouTube

Bit of a grind
Then the cab wall revealed a strange effect. A compressed air jet was being used to disperse the settled dust but was found to be also particularly effective at blowing off the paint from the cab walls! (Also on YouTube).

Bit of a blow!
Whether this was due to the particular paint used previously or poor preparation of the underlying surface at the time is hard to say. However, the paint was clearly keener to come off than stay on!

Looking better already - all four boiler support areas are visible
By the end of the day, although not completed, the cab floor was beginning to look a lot better than at the start. To be continued.

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