Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sentinel 7232 Ann

As background to the restoration of Sentinel 7109, I've visited some other Sentinel locos and, in some cases, done a pretty thorough photo-reconnaissance  of internal bits and pieces.  My visit to the picturesque Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway near Skipton, West Yorkshire, in June 2011 was not one of the thorough photo sessions but interesting all the same. Ian Douglas kindly showed me around.
Sentinel 7232 Ann (1)
Sentinel 7232 Ann (2)
Built in 1927, Ann is a single-engined balanced Sentinel steamer rated at 80hp. It spent its working life at British Tar Products Ltd, Irlam, Manchester UK. Now at Embsay, it has not run since 2007 due to safety valve problems and the boiler being out of ticket.  Its operating future is uncertain (June 2011).

More details are available from the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway website.

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