Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sentinel 7109's Mechanical Lubricator

Sentinel 7109 uses a four-barrelled Delvac mechanical lubricator made by the "Vacuum Oil Company Ltd".
Delvac Mechanical Lubricator before cleaning
It is driven from a crank on the front engine drive shaft. A camshaft in the lubricator housing is then rotated slowly by the rocking action on a ratchet arm; via rockers, the cams gently push on each of the four barrel pumps on each rotation of the camshaft.
There's a camshaft and four rockers somewhere in the sludge...
...right there in fact!
Rocker springs and cam-followers...
...and the pump barrels
Three of the four pumps have a wire in them which sits in the pump nozzle. I can't see what it is for; a flow restrictor maybe but the wire is too flimsy to make any difference. I'd be glad to hear from anyone who knows better!
Wire lodged in the pump outlet...
...and extending down in to the pump nozzle
The mechanical lubricator has been cleaned, repaired and filled; cylinder oil now exudes from all the right orifices.

Delvac Mechanical Lubricator after cleaning

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