Monday, 13 June 2011

Sentinel 7109's Boiler goes for repair

Courtesy of local company R J King, the boiler left the Midsomer Norton Station on 17th December 2010 for Mendip Steam Restoration Ltd in Stoke St Michael. Richard Philips has done a superb job replacing six tubes, sand-blasting, painting, rejointing, restudding, reassembly and more.
Boiler leaving the station on 17th Dec 2010...
...and arriving at Mendip Steam Restoration later the same day
About 420 psi hydraulic pressure showing
The result was a first hydraulic test certificate issued on 13th April by our boiler-inspector, Peter Hawkins, to say that it had satisfactorily with-stood a pressure of 412.5 psi for half an hour. (This is the first hydraulic test at 1.5 times normal working pressure to prove the workmanship and strength of the structure).

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