Thursday, 26 May 2011

A warm welcome to the Sentinel Steam Loco 7109 'Blog pages.

These pages are recording the restoration activities and background of the UK's only remaining 1927 balanced, double-engined Sentinel steam locomotive (and a few other things).
Something like this!
Sentinel Steam Loco 7109 is a web-log. 'Blogs and web-sites differ in a number of ways. Once designed, a web-site can remain static for a long time with only occasional updates for news or additions. A blog is more dynamic and better suited to rapidly changing situations with frequent updates. Blogging tools, such as Google's 'Blogger' as used here, include features that enable readers to interact with the content and be kept up to date automatically. This contrasts with a web-site on which the onus is on you to have a look when you remember. Thus blogs encourage readers to become involved and contribute their own ideas.

For readers who have not read many 'blogs before, these notes should help you to find your way around.

Searching: There is a search box in the banner at the top of the blog page to help you find what you are looking for.

Pictures: Click on a picture to zoom to a larger version.
Click your browser's back arrow or equivalent to return to where you were.

Centre column: The blog postings
Each article will appear in the central column either when it is first published or when selected from a left hand column hyperlink.

Commenting: Yes you can!
Under each posting is a section for comments where you can contribute your own information, questions, suggestions or whatever you like. (I reserve the right to remove unsuitable material!). So, if you think I've missed a trick, let me know!

Left hand column: Navigation
Each blue text item is a hyperlink to more information. Click on the blue text and the target page will appear in a new browser tab or window. Articles can be found by subject, archive date or by using the search box. The blog is set to show the five most recent articles. Sixth and older articles go into the archive but remain accessible for all time. The archive catalogues articles on a monthly basis.

Right hand column: Subscribing (and other general stuff)
If you put your email address into the box under 'Follow 7109...', you will receive an email asking for authentication to ensure it is really you. Reply to this and each time a new article is posted, an email will let you know. It is very easy to unsubscribe so don't be put off.

If you have a Google account, you can click in the 'Subscribe to 7109' boxes for updates of article postings or comments.

Getting back Home: Click a 'Home' hyperlink and all will be reset

Hopefully, the above should help you get the best from this and other blogs. Send me a comment if you need more help!


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