Sunday 19 March 2023

"I'm Still Here"

After some considerable time without any blog posts, I'm hoping to do some catching up.

My original intention was to record the restoration activities of Joyce so that I would be able to refer back later - it's easier and quicker than actually dismantling an assembly to recall what I did years before. For me, it has been useful on many occasions; I hope it has been helpful to others too.

Of course, the restoration finished in earnest in 2016 when Joyce began pulling passengers. I didn't want to just show pictures of Joyce in action as many others have done that better than me (it's difficult to take good photos from the driver's cab!).

Joyce has been pretty reliable for a steam locomotive but she's kept me on my toes to achieve that. Having J R Goold Steam Ltd close-by has been a godsend for rapid repairs and I am very grateful for their amazing support in times of need.

There have, however, been a few little problemettes...

Here was an unwelcome sight one Sunday morning in May 2021 while getting ready for passenger train duties.
Tell-tale Jet of steam
This was a pin-hole in the main steam pipe feeding Joyce's rear engine. Needless to say, she didn't run that day.
I contacted my Goold support team and a new pipe was made then lagged and fitted by me in about 8 days.
New Pipe
The new pipe fitted perfectly. Godsend is the right word.
Ready to go again

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